1st European Babycarrying Conference

16 & 17 May 2025, Leuven, Belgium

Why a European conference?
We had two succesful Flemish editions in 2015 & 2017, and we could just stick to that. But..
In 2017, there was this ‘buzz’ to organise a European Babywearing Week and in the beginning of May, we had the most recent one. Hopefully, you enjoyed it! But at that moment, we felt united, we felt there was a possibility to make our voices to be heard, in the medical field, we felt we had the same goal, spread the babycarrying love and advantages of it!
Over the past years, we feel that a lot of these connections still exist, but are slowly fading away and we miss it. If we ever want to be taken serious as a profession, we need to educate and unite ourselves!! Some countries have already made progression and find their way to the hospitals, doctors,.. We need to share our experiences and learn from eachother.
And that’s why we are doing a European Conference now. We had a logo designed that hopefully will travel amongst Europe together with the conference itself. We don’t want to claim it for ourself, we want to pass it through a next country after next year, after our edition.
Our ultimate dream: to have a European Association for BabyCarrying and be connected, share knowledge, keep open minds, get in touch with different point of views,..
But for now, let’s start with a European Conference and discuss this European thing over some Belgian beers next spring! You are all invited and we hope you’ll join us!

Where? When? Who?

The conference will take place at The Irish College in Leuven, Belgium, on Friday 16 and Saturday 17 May 2025.

We hope to reach babycarrying consultants, midwives, nurses,.. everybody who works with newborns, infants and small children, including students in these fields.


Which speakers are coming?

Confirmed speakers:

Inge Aelbrecht, about pelvic pain and the effect on carrying

Juraj Banovsky, about the positive influence carrrying has on the cognitive development in children

Dr. Bernadett Berecz and Petra Fésűs-Tolmácsi, about how and why people are carriers.

Dr. Henrik Norholt, about baby carrier refusal at 3-4 months – in the context of infant motor development, the next frontier for babywearing research and clinical practice/consultancy. 

Gunter Nowak, about the difference between men and women in carrying

More to be announced, follow our fb-page to keep updates.

Where to get your ticket?

You can find the tickets in our Store.

If you have any difficulties, send us an email at info@draagconsulenten.be.

Iers college Leuven 2

Want to talk with other attendees about the conference, about Leuven,..?

We have a fb-chatgroup where you can ask questions about Leuven, the conference, to get in touch with other attendees,..

To share thoughts, ideas, places to eat/stay/..

Join us and have some pre-conference fun!

Questions? Remarks? Problems?

Send us an email: info@draagconsulenten.be